Screen Golf in the U.S.? … ‘It’s different’

Screen golf was introduced in the U.S. and gaining popularity. Unlike indoor screen golf in Korea, the U.S. screen golf is conducted at driving ranges. On the 6th, the New York Times have reported on the company Top Golf which operates screen golf ranges in the U.S. and the U.K. Screen golf ranges run by Top Golf has a target by distance, 50 yards, 100 yards, and 200 yards, in the driving range. Scores are added up by how close the microchip installed ball reached the target. The scores are shown on a big touch screen which is similar to that of the score screen of the bowling alley. 6 players could play at once. There are sofas for players waiting their turn. Players could order drinks and snacks. Staff members here are called caddies. 45% of the customers of Top Golf Screen Golf are people who have never been to golf courses. Annually, 200 thousand customers spend visit each screen golf range spending 35 dollars per person. Revisit rate is over 90%. The courses are located in Alexandria near Washington D.C,, the outskirts of Chicago, and near Dallas. Due to its popularity, customers might have to wait over 2 hours in Dallas. The industry is gaining attention as Callaway is one of the major investors of Top Golf. However, the initial investment required to open a screen golf range is burdensome as it requires at least USD 10 million to open one range.

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