Digital putting practice equipment become a new area (inbirdie, golf practice equipment)

“The future of digital putting equipment is bright as it is still on its early stages”
The strength of inbirdie comes from its ability to display the actual putting distance. When a person puts on a 2m mat, the putting distance up to 20m is analyzed by the machine and is displayed. It also shows the angle of the ball. Also, ‘inbirdie smart’ has its own application(app) to store and manage the practice data on the smartphone. People are starting to gain interest in putting exercise equipment instead of screen golf driving ranges that require business capital. Nevertheless, digital putting exercise equipment was released in the name inbirdie only to fail. The company representative said, “the company size was too small to appropriately manage unexpected error. The company lacked business mind in marketing and operations as it only concentrated on typical engineering technology development, There are very little number of digital putting exercise putting exercise in the world. Therefore, there is still potential for growth.”

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