Shall We Play Golf on the Moon Using Virtual Reality?

PGA Tour players and everyone may have the experience of playing golf on the moon through Virtual Reality(VR). Fortune Magazine has introduced that the computer manufacturer, Dell, has demonstrated its VR ‘lunar golf’, which provides an experience of playing golf on the moon in this years World Golf Championship(WGC). Dell has also made it public in the WGC Cadillac Championship and Dell Match Play, last March. Lunar Golf is a type of golf game using VR. The game is played inside a rubber boat in the shape of a dome which reproduces the scenery of the moon. Players could travel to the moon on a satellite when wearing a headset that shows VR. You may swing the club with one hand like Alan Shepard, and up to four players can play at once. Bryan Jones, vice president of North America commercial marketing at Dell, says ‘we worked closely with 3D Live to create the most realistic golf movement possible’ and ‘hitting golf balls has long been an iconic moment in history and the company wants everyone to experience that moment through virtual reality.’ The VR technology is expected to be applied in various areas. For golfers, the machine could be the best golf experience equipment which is a higher level compared to other golf simulators. The era in which anyone can have the experience of playing golf at famous golf courses around the world easily at home is coming.

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