Era of 6 million golf population, green light for screen golf industry

With the domestic golf population reaching 6 million, screen golf has been playing the leading role in the population increase. According to a screen golf instrument brand, Visual Golf, the domestic golf population is on the rise and most golfers have golfing experience of 3~5 years. The report was conducted by Kyunghee University Golf Industry Institute by the request of the Korean Golf Association. The result shows that in 2014, the number of people who have played golf was 6.19 million and the active population is 5.31 million. Especially, the increase in the 2030 golf population is notable. In 2012, golfers in their 20s consisted 9.1% of the total population while in 2014, the number has shown a 5.5% increase to become 14.6%. It is the only age group that has shown increase. Most people, 28.3%, reported to have 3~5 year experience in golf followed by those with experience of 1~2 years (24.5%), less than 1 year(19.4%), 6~10 years(16.9%), and over 10 years(10.9%). Also, the report has shown that screen golf industry had a significant impact in the growth of golf population. 63.6% of the sample population reported that they have used indoor screen golf facilities, while outdoor driving range use was 58.4%, golf course use was 49.9%, and indoor driving range was 47.1%. A representative of Visual Golf says, “golfers with 3~5 year experience have higher focus on golf training compared to the beginner group as they have the highest desire to enhance their skill level. Those who wish to enhance their skill level utilizes screen golf which has advantages in accessibility and cost.”

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